Our Mission

At Color Pop Casual we simply want to help people. We have chosen to partner with Blue Monarch. Blue Monarch's mission is to "provide a long-term, residential and therapeutic Christian community for women and their children to break adverse cycles and rebuild their families. We assist women and their children who are dealing with addiction, domestic violence, and economic hardship to transform in mind, body, and spirit. We provide a nurturing and therapeutic environment for individuals and families to achieve sobriety, enhance mother and child relationships, and build better life skills while promoting spiritual growth. We believe destructive cycles can be broken and want to serve women who have the desire and commitment to change."

Color Pop Casual feels this is an important cause for a few reasons. Being a female owned business motivates the yearn to support other women. Being a mom also evokes desires to help other children. Families are the building blocks of the world and nothing is more desirable than to see healthy and thriving families. For more information about this life changing organization you can visit https://www.bluemonarch.org/.

 Blue Monarch