About Us

We, at Color Pop Casual, started as a mission to help people. Originally, Color Pop Casual was previously named Little Lads and Ladies, which opened as a brick and mortar consignment store in Dover, Tn. After a few months we shifted our focus to resale and a whole new world opened up to us! We have since changed our name  and shifted to an online only store, specializing in women's colorful and casual apparel. Appealing to people's style and budget are two of our main goals. Friendly customer service is also huge and we strive to make people feel comfortable, each and everyday. We're excited you've chosen us for your colorful and casual styles. We've also partnered with Blue Monarch, which helps support abused women and children. You can read more about this amazing organization on the "Our Mission" tab on the main menu bar. Thank you so much for being a Color Pop Casual customer!